Richard and Debbie Tracy – Missionaries in Panama, with Youth With A Mission

Richard and Debbie Tracy are the son in-law and daughter of Pastor Clifton and Gloria White, and they direct YWAM Panama-Boquete in the Republic of Panama. Throughout the years GNCC has gone to Panama, helping in any way we can whether it was evangelism, construction projects, Bible distribution or helping support kids to finish their high school education.

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Chuuk, Cambodia

In November of 2008 we had a family (Steve and Sovan Althaus and their two kids) from Cambodia join our church. Thanks to them we were able to get involved with their home church in Chuuk, Cambodia. In Chuuk, Cambodia students will come into town to study but the students have no housing or place to stay. In seeing this, the local Church in Chuuk, Cambodia opened their doors to allow students to stay with them. Good News Christian Center sends support to the church which helps feed these students, we also purchased chairs for the church.

Making Films That Make A Difference

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Tracy and their three children, Kaleigh, Gideon and Alinah are missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) with a specific focus on training film students at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. There is no doubt that films have made a global impact on worldview and can serve as a catalyst for change. Nathaniel Tracy is the grandson of Pastors Clifton and Gloria White. He grew up in Panama where his passion for cinema led him to pursue a career in filmmaking. Primarily a Director, he has worked in several capacities for various TV networks including; FOX, Bravo, MTV, HGTV, and more. He directed the short film “Windows and Mirrors” and worked on the feature films “Running for Grace” and “The Pilgrim.” He has led the School of Digital Filmmaking since 2017, and his short film “Sequela” won a Silver Remi award which was selected rom 4670 films submitted from around the world.

Maoz Israel Ministries

Maoz Means Strength. Making believers strong in Israel. Maoz reaches Israel with the Good News by strengthening believers to be a powerful witness in the Land. Maoz Israel is a Messianic Jewish organization based in Tel Aviv, dedicated to reaching the lost in Israel since 1976. Maoz Israel Ministries is a Messianic Jewish non-profit organization founded in 1976. Their main operations office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and they have branches in the U.S., UK, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, as well as Maoz Asia and Maoz Español representative Their main goal is to reach Israel with the Good News of Messiah Yeshua. And the best way to do that is to build a strong Body of Yeshua to be a powerful witness in Israel. Through their Hebrew Books Publishing company, they have translated and printed over 170 books, manuals, and teaching booklets in Hebrew. This includes books with testimonies of Jews who found their Messiah, and books for spiritual growth for believers.

Maoz Israel supports several congregations, including Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua) – a Hebrew-speaking Messianic Congregation in downtown Tel Aviv (founded by Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram), an Ethiopian Congregation, a Russian-speaking congregation, and others. Ari also serves as a mentor to leaders around the country, investing in the next generation.Maoz Israel manages a humanitarian aid organization,, that supports widows, orphans, the needy, oppressed and victims of terrorism. To help advance Israel’s Messianic community to be a great witness of God’s love towards His people, Maoz sponsors youth camps, provides scholarships for students, helps with medical expenses and debt relief, supports Messianic businesses and outreaches, and assists believers who suffer from severe, relentless persecution by ultra-Orthodox Jews – just because of their faith in the Jewish Messiah

Punjab, India

Pastor Clifton White has made 7 trips to Punjab, India.  When in India he stays in the home of Pastor Michael Masih who is a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.  Hundreds have been born again in the meeting with many miracles and healings.  

Will and Jo Ruck – Serving in Japan

Will, a Beloit, WI native and Jo from Minnesota are missionaries in Japan. You might ask, why the Rucks are in Japan instead of somewhere else? There are many reasons. Japan is a country of approximately 127,000,000 people.  Of those people, 1.5% claim Christianity. There is 1 church for every 16,222 people in Japan, with each church on average having an attendance of 36 people.  Japan is in a way overly religious, incorporating many religions into one. It is often said that one is born Shinto, has a Christian style or Shinto wedding, and is buried in the Buddhist tradition. Yet, often if you speak to these people, they will say that they are not “religious”. Most only visit the temples or shrines but once a year over the New Year. Furthermore, Japan struggles greatly with many issues within itself. Every year 32,000 people commit suicide. Another 5,000 die every year from “karoshi” (death from overwork). And still yet, approximately 1.6 million people suffer from “hikikomori” (acute social withdrawal).  Japan is a country in need of the gospel. They need to know the love of Christ in their lives. That is why the Rucks are there.


Pastor White had the joy of ministering in Pakistan in 2010.  He had the privilege of praying with hundreds of people to be born again and healed.